How do I book my Chef?
Go ahead and complete the consultation form, and your Chef will contact you to schedule a tasting.
How much is the deposit?

Each deposit is based on a 25-guest minimum x the selected cake category. (Ex. 25 x $9.50)

Do you offer more than just the Wedding Cake?

Absolutely! At your Tasting, feel free to let the Chef know if you’d like to add cupcakes, cookies, or any other special treats.

Is there a delivery option?

Yes, we offer delivery services. On the consultation form, just select the On-site Delivery option, and your Chef will finalize the arrangements at your Tasting. $75 flat delivery charge plus $25/hour for set-up.

Will you be available for my wedding day, even if it’s next year?

Yes, our team consists of some of the best Chefs in the metroplex, so you’ll always get our best, even if the special day is next year.

First we’ll schedule a Tasting; next you will be able to book the Chef(s) for the Wedding Day with a deposit. Once the deposit has been completed, your Wedding Date is confirmed and we will be there every step of the way to provide you the 5-star service you deserve!

What are your rates and what does that include? Do you charge by the person?

We pride ourselves on giving our Brides simple rates and easy quotes, perfect for any budget!

Each Bride and/or Groom can choose from one of the following pricing categories:

  • Semi-Naked: $7.50/slice (Standard Wedding Cake and/or Vanilla Flavors)
  • Traditional: $9.50/slice (Choose from all flavors but we recommend Wedding Cake, Italian Cream, Strawberry, or Chocolate)
  • Specialty: $11.50/slice (Choose from all flavors. Perfect choice for Vegan and/or Sugar-Free options)
When do I have to pay the deposit? What is the deposit amount? What is the deposit refund policy?

A deposit is required to secure your Tasting and/or the Wedding Day. Following the completion of your Tasting, if you book us for the Wedding Day, your deposit will be applied to the remaining Final Balance.

Each deposit is based on a 25-guest minimum x the selected cake category. (Ex. 25 x $9.50)

Because guests often book Trials, Weddings, and/or Events well in advance, the Client recognizes that appointment slots are in short supply. The Deposit is fully refundable within a three (3) day “grace period”, following completion of the initial Deposit payment. The deposit is non-refundable following the three (3) day grace period from the initial payment. If you need to reschedule your Tasting, please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Any reschedule request for the Tasting, made at least 24 hours in advance, may be eligible for another appointment date at no additional cost. There will be no refunds or credits for any appointment rescheduled or cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment date. Any guest that is no call/no show forfeits any refund or credit. This policy is subject solely at the discretion of the Company in best-effort.

When is the final balance due?

Because guests often book Weddings and/or Events well in advance, the Client recognizes that times reserved are in short supply. The Final Balance and/or Final Balance installment payment(s), would be due no later than thirty (30) days following the completion of the Tasting. For any time exceeding the subsequent thirty (30) day period, the Client understands and accepts the Chef(s) from the Tasting and/or Consultation may become booked and therefore not available for the Wedding Date. In that event, it will be the responsibility of the Company to assign a new Chef(s) to render Day-of Services to the Client. In its best effort, the Company agrees to deliver its highest standard of quality to the Client.

What is the cancellation policy?

Should the Client request a cancellation, he/she will be subject to the following terms: (a) Following the completion of the Final Balance payment and/or completion of the Final Installment payment, Client will not be eligible to receive any refund amount for previous payments, unless breach of this Agreement by the Company; (b) Following completion of any previous payments or installment, the Client will have a three (3) day “grace period” in order to be eligible for a refund of the payment or installment; (c) Following the expiration of the “grace period”, Client will not be eligible for any refund amount for any previous payment(s). This policy is subject solely at the discretion of the Company in best-effort.

Is there a gratuity policy?

The Client assumes that the Company will provide quality at the highest professional standard and level of customer satisfaction. Gratuity is not required but appreciated by the Chef.

Do you have a contract I can review?

Yes, we have a standard contract that is available for review upon request. To request a review of our contract, please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Are you available to deliver the cake? What if I wanted you to travel to my home or hotel?

Because of weather and air conditioning variables, the Company will deliver the cake to one (1) location only on the Wedding Day. Due to the priority and importance of the product, the Company will provide, in best-efforts, delivery service for a $75 flat fee and an additional $25/hour for any prep or set up.

The Client may be responsible to provide guest assistance to unload the Cake to the designated location, depending on the size and amount of the product(s).

Can I do a tasting?

Absolutely! Everything first starts with the Tasting. Once we WOW you with our delicious samples, we are confident that you will book our team for the big day!


How long will the tasting take?

We generally try not to exceed 1 hour total. Our plan is for you to taste the samples, LOVE THEM, then decide on the final flavor(s) and cake choices.

What will happen if you're sick or have Covid on my wedding day?

That is a great question, but have no fear! We have a large team of amazing Chefs, on-call, every day! If a Chef gets sick and can’t make it, we will have another Chef on standby that will be ready to step up to the plate and provide the same excellent service.